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Nothing is eternal, but we are forever.

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7 April
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Hi, I'm Jill. I am NOT a conservative, an optimist, OR a morman. If you met me, you'd probably consider me a liberal, or at least a democrat, but when I register to vote (less than three years now!) I will register as NON-PARTISAN. Thomas Jefferson said, "If I could not go to heaven, but with a party, I would not go at all." Think for yourself. Don't let labels influence your choices. I don't believe in capital punishment. And George Bush is an ignorant pigheaded MISleader, who should have never been elected president. He can't even legally be a CAB DRIVER, and he's RUNNING OUR COUNTRY?! That's fucked up. But after all, it's not an election untill your brother counts the votes ;). I also believe that gay couples deserve the same rights as straight couples. Why is it OK to give someone more rights than someone else just because that someone else is gay? Remember, seperation of church and state! OK, sorry, I just have to get my political feelings out of my system =).

I love music, and my tastes in it are very ecclectic. I like ska, emo, punk, hardcore, alternative, classical (esp. the romantic and baroque periods), and, although I'd like to deny it, some pop (but NOT that punk pop SHIT).

Love ya!